Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano rises on a formed peninsula and modeled by the sediments of the river Tagliamento and from the tides of the Adriatic sea. The eight kilometers of beach distinguish him for the presence of a thin sand that seems to have held back the warm and gilded colors of the sun. .
The peninsula is delimited to west by the tagliamento, to north from the Lagoon of Marano and from the south Adriatica.
Between the green of parks and dense pinete of vegetation, between shops and funs of every type, Lignano he introduces uniform in three parts: Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera.

Lignano Sabbiadoro

Risen here, in 1903, the first bathing establishment. Therefore the “historical center” and introduces him as the most animate, popular and many colored zone of Lignano with the characteristic overcrowding of the central streets, rich of shops, stores, cafe, pizzerie and gelaterie.
To Sabbiaoro the centers of the principal services also assemble him: The Terrace Sea, the building of the firm of Tourist Promotion, the great church devoted to St. Giovanni Bosco and the arena.

Lignano Pineta

Great realization of Marcello Di Olivo, projected in 1953, you/he/she is planned on a spiral that accompanying the handles of the river Tagliamento, it nests in the heart of the pineta, dipping gracefully himself/herself/itself in the waters of the Adriatic. Pineta is characterized, to the center of the spiral, from a long serpentone of commercial buildings that unties him from the Rosa plaza of the Winds, where the church of Christ Redentore rises, to the plaza of the Sea that directly leans out on the beach.

Lignano Riviera

Last born, between the district of Pineta and her “coast” of the Tagliamento, Coast is ideal zone for calm vacations, to the insignia of the nature and the quiet, and it seems to embody indeed the expensive scenery to Hemingway… ” of there of the river, among the trees.